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Finally, step by step training VIDEOS and Ebook guide that lets you discover how to make Hip Hop beats like a Pro!

 Making Rap Beats Has Never Been This Easy!

blue-circle-arrow_R You will discover the proper layout that rap beats should follow

Anyone can just throw together a bunch of sounds and loops.  But if you want to start making real, professional hip hop beats that you can sell for top dollar you need to have the basic understanding of a beat.


blue-circle-arrow_R You do NOT need a bunch of overpriced tools and equipment to make rap beats

You will learn how to start making killer beats without investing $1,000s in tools and equipment.  All you need is your computer, a little creativity, a solid understanding of the beat making process.  And you will learn the process in the Rap Beats Manual.


blue-circle-arrow_R Learn how to make professional studio sounding beats, just like the ones you hear on the radio, on your computer.

The truth is you do not need to pay $1,000s for studio time to make your beats sounds professional.  You can do it yourself, on your computer, with a little help from the Rap Beats Manual!

Dear Future Producer,
Are your beats putting people to sleep?  Have you been searching for a place to get information and tips to finally start producing hot beats.  Guess have found it!
After searching the internet and every bookstore for months trying to grab information and insight on how to make professional quality rap beats, I found NOTHING and almost tossed in the towel.
But then I decided to go straight to the source.
I got in touch with a successful producer and literally begged, pleaded and twisted his arm to compile a step-by-step video guide on how to make rap beats.
And now you can get your hands on that exact guide and videos...the Rap Beats Manual.
Inside the Rap Beats Manual book and videos you will discover how to start producing your own professional hip hop beats in a matter of hours (possibly even quicker).
Inside the Rap Beats Manual you will discover:
  • What software to use to make the best beats possible
  • How to structure your beats (this is crucial for success)
  • A step-by-step blueprint for making your beats
  • The #1 most important factor for creating hot beats
  • Discover which beat making tools you need and which you do not need
  • What to make sure to check before buying any beat making software
  • Breakdown of different beat making software programs
  • How many keys you really need on your keyboard
  • What type of microphone is best for recording audio
  • A breakdown of music theory (essential for making beats)
  • Where to download demo versions of beat making software before you buy
  • How to import custom sounds and samples into your tracks
 And most importantly a Step-By-Step guide for making your rap beats.  We will take you by the hand and walk you through the process of beat making with numerous screenshots and explanations of each step in the process. 
You will get to watch as we construct a beat with .
Over 75 minutes of video tutorials and 20 Screenshots of the Beat Making Process!
It doesn't matter what software you are currently using to make your beats (or if you have never used software before) because the tips and tricks we reveal work with all software programs
It is a blueprint for making professional style beats allowing your to take your game to the next level.

You can not afford to pass up getting the Rap Beats Manual.
With so much valuable information packed into this manual you will wonder why making beats was never this easy before.
Here is just a sample of some of the tips and tricks revealed inside:
  • Watch as we construct a beat from scratch (Video 2)
  • Follow along as we recreate Jay-Z's "Kingdom Come" beat! (Video 7)
  • The difference between _____ and _____ audio is _____ (page 9)
  • A sequencer is the ______ of making ______ on your computer (page 10)
  • Make sure to check sequencers for these 10 factors...(page 11)
  • Fruity Loops (FL) is great for making _______ based music (page 14)
  • Before purchasing a microphone make sure to check these factors.... (page 17)
  • ______ is the best sound to start your track with (page 28)
  • _______ and _______ are the easiest drums sounds to get started with (page 28)
  • Learn how to apply effects to your beats.  (Video 9)
  • Make your track grab the listener by creating a killer ______ (page 29)
  • To make a track for radio airplay make sure your _____ is ______ bars (page 29)
  • When sampling from songs you will need to ________ the ______ in order to use it (page 36)
  • Make sure you do not ______ your beat with too many _______ (page 36)
  • The easiest way to create your verse section is to _______ several of the _______ (page 39)
  • Use a _____ ______ after your chorus for better transition (page 40)
  • The main difference between mixing and mastering is ______ (page 43)
  • Discover how to master and export your beats (Video 10)
  • When mixing your track make sure to convert any _____ sounds into _____ _______ (page 43)
  • _______ is perfect for masking any audio or sounds you recorded live (page 44)
  • The ______ tool will help your track sound as if it was done in professional studio (page 44)
  • _______ will give your tack the crisp, clean, and loud finish you hear on the radio (page 44)

...And thats just a fraction of what you will discover!


 You will find everything you need to start making rap beats inside the Rap Beats Manual






 Music Theory

 Beat Making Basics

 The Framework of a Track




...And So Much More!


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My Personal File of Online Resources

1.  FL Studio (Fruity Loops) Resources:

  -FL Studio Tutorial

  -Over 300 sounds for FL Studio

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3.  Studio Buddy - Your personal assistant for any music related questions you may have.

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